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MLM Explained By WEEZI

MLM or Multi Level Marketing (also known as network marketing) is an industry that has been around for centuries, growing ever more popular each year. In brief, it is a marketing strategy that some large corporations and companies use to compensate a large sales force of distributors, not only for the sales they personally generate but also for sales that other people in their network generate. The commission percentage distributors can earn, depends on which company or program you become involved with. Compensation plans vary in each company.

One of the most attractive things about the industry is that it gives you the ability to leverage your income from the efforts of other people. However, it’s no secret that building a strong team and sales network in whichever mlm business you may be involved with is crucial.

The concept of most mlm’s is rather similar, by simply promoting the companies products or services and or by introducing other distributors to do the same thing, you can earn an ongoing monthly residual income. Not only can you earn commission each and every time you sell a product but also when a distributor you referred sells a product, that’s leverage at it’s best. It’s your chance to have a sales team working for you!

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Robert-Kiyosaki-on-Network-Marketing-and-Multi-Level-MarketingThe break through point that makes mlm marketing different from the highly popular, competitive and tough old industry of affiliate marketing is the ability to earn not only from direct sales or signups but ALSO from sales your downline/team generate. Imagine earning income from sales you never made?

For example; Let’s say you’ve just signed up to the latest multi level marketing program and after some good old fashioned hard work, you managed to recruit bob into the business because he simply couldn’t resist the eye catching products or more likely the attention grabbing income opportunity.

Let’s then say Bob decides to get stuck right in by taking advantage of being a distributor and he recruits 5 new people into his own network or downline. Well not only would you earn a monthly commission percentage from Bob because he was your sale but you would also earn a commission on each of the 5 people Bob referred.


That’s the crucial difference in this industry compared to the rest, mlm companies pay out not only direct commissions but commission into a set number of levels deep. For example; if the compensation plan paid out into 5 levels deep, that means you would get paid for sales generated by your referrals in your network into 5 generations.

Going back my example mentioned above, Bob would be on your first level and the 5 people he recruited would be on your LEVEL two, any signups or sales the level two referrals bring in would be placed on your 3rd level, allowing you to also earn commission from them, and so on.

In turn, this means you can potentially generate and build up a life-long residual monthly income even by only generating a few direct sales/signups, then you start working towards helping your downline/team to do the same thing.

We call this process ”duplication” and its one of the most important factors of this mind blowing industry. However, without the opportunity to follow in the footsteps or path of someone who has already been there, done it and achieved success, it could result in complete failure, even before you join a chosen mlm program.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get involved with the right team, it could potentially be a key factor to your success with the mlm company you are involved with. There are way too many sponsors nowadays that care only about making a few extra or quick bucks. The last thing you want is to join under someone who can offer you little or no support or training. Going it alone is tough, following the success of someone who has already achieved success will increase your chances of finding it yourself.

We can avoid joining helpless sponsors by taking a few simple precautionary measures which involve doing some background research and due diligence on the team you are planning on joining.

The phrase ”knowledge is power” is most certainly true in this industry, you can NEVER do too much background research on your future sponsor or also called upline member.


5 SIMPLE Steps To Follow In Order To Ensure Your Success With A Chosen MLM Team:

Don’t just dive right in there and sign up with any old sponsor, follow some simple steps to save yourself from massive stress and disappointment in the long run. I’m always shocked by them amount of people who fail in the multi level marketing industry due to the LACK of support from their upline, it’s time we put an end to this by building solid foundations of not only dedicated but also selfless people.

Find out what training, tools and equipment the team can provide:

It’s ALWAYS vital to find out before hand, if your future team has the training, materials and tools needed to help get your business off the ground. Almost EVERY established team has their own website and more importantly their own training room dedicated specifically for team members only.

Make sure you study their website upside down and look for things such as training rooms, live webinar training sessions and even conference calls. If a sponsor is willing to go all out by holding webinars, it suggest he or she is extremely dedicated and passionate not only towards the particular mlm company but towards helping their team members.

Find out what help and support the sponsor offers:

It’s also vital to make sure that your team has easily accessible help and support options with a quick response time. Look out for things such as email support, live chat support, phone support and even look into other areas such as twitter profiles and facebook fan pages. This way, if you have any urgent questions or concerns in the future, you know you have plenty of resources to find the answers fast.

Talk to your sponsor BEFORE joining their team:

Another good idea is to send in a test email to the support team or sponsor in order to make sure they have a quick response time and answer your questions with accuracy. Even if it’s just a simple and generic question, touching base is always a good idea BEFORE making the commitment to join a team. You may find that some sponsors offer up their personal phone details or skype identity’s which allow you to chat with them directly and live, another great sign of a ”winner” team.

Ask your potential sponsor questions:

When you do eventually get in touch with your potential sponsor, it’s important to ask them the right questions. One of which is how they are getting on personally with the program, don’t be frightened or shy to ask them the all important questions. However, the last thing you want to do is open up a conversation with the question ”How much money do you make” because it gives the impression that you are only interested in the money and have no real interest in the company or products and services that they offer.

Find out if your future sponsor offers you any incentives to join their team:

This next tip is not as vital as the others, however it can help you to get off to the best possible start. Make sure you dig deep to find out if your future sponsor is willing to give you any incentives to join there team. This could be anything from paying your first months membership fee to providing you with leads to get the ball rolling. If a sponsor is not willing to pay you in, it suggest that he or she may have not yet found success with the program or they do not truly believe in the business model.

Find out if your future sponsor offers you any incentives to join their team:

This next tip is not as vital as the others, however it can help you to get off to the best possible start. Make sure you dig deep to find out if your future sponsor is willing to give you any incentives to join there team.

This could be anything from paying your first months membership fee to providing you with leads to get the ball rolling. If a sponsor is not willing to pay you in, it suggest that he or she may have not yet found success with the program or they do not truly believe in the business model.

So What Is MLM Weezi?

By now you are probably wondering about where MLM Weezi comes in to all this and how it can help you. Well, MLM Weezi is here for all those people who have joined under the lazy sponsors who offer little or no support. Our website is jam packed full of training, tools, equipment, tips, reviews, resources, scam reports and much, much, much more.

It doedistibsn’t matter what mlm business your involved with its almost certain that mlm Weezi will have something of use to you. The best part about it is that we are providing it to you all for free, everything you will EVER need to know about mlm marketing is right here, at your very fingertips.

Weezi is open to EVERYONE with ZERO costs, EVER!

This whole entire sites is built up like one massive training centre, here you will learn skills that will last a lifetime. In fact, you don’t even need to be specifically involved with multi level marketing to make use of our training materials.

Master everything from social media marketing, seo, forum advertising to generating a daily flow of leads using offline advertising. The training and tips are broken down into different sections to tackle.

MLM Weezi Provides…

  • Social Media Marketing Tips

Discover simple methods of building up a massive network/list of friends which is made up of targeted and like minded individuals who are interested in home based business opportunities and entrepreneurship. Learn the techniques of interacting with people and building up a trusting relationship to which you can recommend your mlm opportunity. Learn how to start using the most popular social sharing websites such as Twitter and Facebook in a way to grow your business and downline. Click here to learn more about social media marketing for your business.

  • Daily Step Guide

The daily steps guide was created in a way so that anyone, no matter what previous experience they have can follow a few simple tasks with ease in order to start generating traffic to their website, blog or capture page. The secret to building traffic is building your online presence and by staying persistent and committed to putting in the effort. The daily steps guide is for newbies looking for a quick start in the industry. Click here to check out MLM Weezi’s daily steps guide.

  • Lead Generating Tips

It’s no secret that generating a consistent flow of leads and prospects plays a massive role in your journey to success in mlm. In this section, you will discover a few simple ways in which you can start attracting more leads by using a combination of a few different marketing techniques. Find out more about generating leads here.

  • Video Marketing Training

If your not including video marketing in your advertising efforts for your mlm program then your missing out on a bunch of free traffic, not only from YouTube but also from other massively popular video sharing sites such as Metacafe, Vimeo and Daily Motion. We will show you how to create your own branded, professional and high impact promotional videos, ready to upload to all the biggest sharing sites. Not only that but we will also reveal some valuable (free to use) resources for when it comes to distributing the videos to all the biggest sharing sites mentioned above and more. Click here to find out more about video marketing from MLM Weezi!

  • Capture Page Building Training

The old saying ”the money is in the list” is still a true factor in mlm marketing even to this day. It’s important that you have a opt-in page set up ready to capture the email addresses of all interested visitors. Mlm Weezi will show you the best way to set up professional looking, high converting and attention grabbing capture page sites. Click here to learn more about building capture pages.

  • Forum Advertising

Learn how to use the power of free forums and discussion boards to start getting your presence and business opportunity across to interested parties. Forums are quickly becoming a popular way to attract fresh prospects, while also building quality backlinks to your website. Click here to access the forum advertising training section.

  • Classified Ad Posting

Learn how to write eye catching classified advertisements to start generating a consistent flow of multi level marketing leads on a daily basis. When done correctly, classified advertising is one of the simplest and fastest ways to promote your business. Click here for more on classified ad posting.

  • Article Marketing

Even in the twenty first century, article marketing is still a fantastic way to attract fresh visitors. Write your own killer articles and submit them to the article directories and start getting more exposure. The key here is quantity, the more articles you have live and online, the more traffic you will get, simple. Click here to learn more about article marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or also referred to as S.E.O is one of the most complex ways of driving traffic/visitors to a website, however, it’s also one of the most effective! Learn advanced skills to get your website or blog ranked on all the most popular search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL and start generating a life long flow of FREE organic traffic. The days of paying $5 per click to advertise on Google are well and truly over thanks to the POWER of S.E.O. Click here to start taking advantage of search engine optimisation.


And WEEZI’S…..

What Is A Weezi?

A Weezi is quite simply a post which is made up of content, videos, graphics or images and they are based on a variety of different topics. A Weezi can be anything from a review on a particular mlm program to a training module on traffic generation. The most common types of Weezi’s that can be found are:

  • Reviews

Reviews on a particular mlm program or business opportunity from a current/existing member. These can be extremely handy for people who are considering joining a program but still need some convincing.

  • Training Or Tips

Training Weezi’s can contain anything from traffic generation training to training on building a splash page. This is a vital and extremely powerful source when it comes to learning how to build your mlm business as you are learning what works and what flat out doesn’t work.

  • Scam Reports

You are encourage to come forward with your story if you have been scammed by a particular company or program to help prevent it happening to others. Lets join together in the fight to eliminate ANY type of online scam. Be sure to visit the ”scam exposer” page or email to report a fraud, we would be more than HAPPY to expose it for you!

So Who Can Post Weezi’s?

ANYONE can post a Weezi, all you need to do is send in your content and if it’s approved, your Weezi will go live and will be displayed on the website under the Weezi’s section. You CAN include referral links or affiliate links within your Weezi’s which has massive benefits. Not only that but it’s also a back-link from a related and relevant website which in turn, will help your website to achieve higher rankings within the search engines.

However, the BEST part about posting on our site is that each INDIVIDUAL WEEZI has the potential to rank on page one of google, if you find and then target the right keywords. This means you have the opportunity to get your business out their and in front of people on Google which results in a significant increase in traffic without the overheads of advertising costs. Furthermore, once you post your WEEZI, it stays on our website for LIFE! We will show you how to not only find low competition keywords to target but also how to set up your post around that keyword giving it a higher chance of achieving a good ranking. For more detailed information on posting Weezi’s visit our postings page here.