Empower Network V2 Is Coming!

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Empower Network V2 Will Change The Internet FOREVER!


Less than two weeks ago, empower network, a company launched by David Wood and David Sharpe announced the launch of EN V2 at their regular company event, held in Denver (this time). The crowd went wild as the two’s Dave’s ran a live demo of the new blogging platform which will be launching in just 60 days from now (written on the August 2013).

This new platform is going to change they way marketers do blogging, with all of the features of Word press, Tumblr and Facebook all rolled into one, there really is no match. Thanks to this innovative new product, newbies can now learn the art of blogging to build up a steady flow of free traffic and leads. The days of spending hours of time and thousands of dollars in investment to build your own established authority blog are well and truly dead.

Not only that but the new empower network V2 system, as they are calling it, will come with a unique and never been seen before mobile app. This app allows you to easily blast out your content while on the move. Furthermore, it also allows you to record videos directly via your mobile then upload and post them instantly to you blog without even having to log in to the PC. No other blogging platform in the world has this feature, it’s a revolutionary new breakthrough application.

However, this is just one of many new feature that EN V2 brings to the market place. Now you can add unlimited domain names and manage several different blogs/sites, all from the one back office, a change that members have been much looking forward too. You can think of this new platform as the re-birth of empower network, which is creating a real buzz and boost in popularity online.

For a newbie, setting up your own blog is a tough challenging to say the least, especially using the word press platform. Empower goes above and beyond to ensure their platform is the most newbie friendly one on the planet. With simple point click software, you can have your blog up and running in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, writing up posts and getting your unique content out on the net for the world to see could not be easier.


The best thing about using the EN V2 blogging platform is the fact that you can harness the power of the authority website. You see, if you were to build your own word press blog, you would need to start at the very beginning. Your site would have no authority, no backlinks, no page rank and no relevancy in the industry.

With empower, it’s kind of like writing your posts on their actual main website, harnessing their established domain name. This gives you a much better chance of your content ranking on google for certain keywords, so long as you set up your posts right. In turn, this results in much more views and free traffic as people will discover your posts when searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…

The EN blog already has tens of thousands of backlinks, plus it’s an authority, relevant and related website. If you were to set up both your own blog and an EN blog, then post the very same content on each, the EN post would rank much faster and higher. Why? Because it’s already established and proven itself to Google.

Your own blog on the other hand, is completely new, unestablished and has no backlinks whatsoever. Google counts backlinks as points, the more points you have, the more popular your site is in their eyes, which in turn, results in it achieving a higher rank. Not only would you need to learn the complexity’s of setting up your own blog, you would also need to put in a lot of time and money to build up backlinks.

The other incredible thing about EN v2 is the fact that you have your own timeline, much like Facebook does. The great thing about this is, when you post new content to any of your blogs, your downline members will see it appear on their timeline when they log in to their back office. This is a revolutionary way to keep your members informed and up to date. It’s also a great way to blast out training, tools and tips directly to them.

In conclusion, these are just some of the new and incredible features of the empower network v2 blogging platform. If your a newbie to the internet and have no clue about building blogs or search engine optimisation (getting ranked on google) then this is the ideal solution.

Whether your looking to promote EN or some other type of business or company, you can now do it without the hassles of word press, html and embed codes. Never has it been so easy to build an established, authority, high page rank blog. The software itself has many easy to use customisation options, plus attractive and professional layouts/themes.

If this sounds of interest to you, click here for a more detailed breakdown of empower networks products, services, compensation plan, company background and leaders behind it. No matter what you decide to do, over the next few months, this company is going to spread like wildfire, growing ever more popular by the day. Now is exactly the right time to get in, not tomorrow or the next day. The best part about it is the fact that you can get started for as little as twenty five dollars!

So what are you still hanging around here for? :P

Please note: I am an independent affiliate of the company and in no way, shape or form represent or work for them officially. Nor am I a salary paid staff member.




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