Empower Network – Is It For Real?

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Empower Network Nothing But The TRUTH!

From the desk of: Paul Strachan

Empower network or (EN) for short is a direct selling company that was launched back in October 2011 by two well known, respected and successful internet marketers, David Wood and David Sharpe. In the last 12 months alone, empower has brought in over 70,000 members from over 140 different countries and it’s still continuing to grow like wild fire.


In fact, in November 2012, over one million dollars in commission were paid out to affiliates in just 7 short days, an incredible achievement to say the least. It’s quickly becoming known as the company that was build by internet marketers, for internet marketers. A truly reliable and legitimate network marketing company that has an impressive product line of tools and training courses that members actually USE and NEED. That’s right, the days of stocking up your cupboards with unwanted products or junk systems, that you will never actually use, are well and truly over.

EN’s variety of different training course’s will teach you all aspects of internet marketing/promoting and offline advertising, plus help you to developing skills in leadership, personal development, positive thinking and mindset control. Skills that cannot be found elsewhere, nor are they taught in any colleges or university’s, getting involved with this industry is tough for the average joe.

BUT, finally, it’s just be made a whole lot easier as we can now ALL get our hands on newbie friendly, step by step training courses that teach students everything from search engine optimisation (SEO) to social media, blogging, video marketing, email marketing, offline advertising and much much more. Its the complete solution to learning how to build any type of business or company, online or off.

Empower Networks flagship product is it’s powerful, innovative and highly popular blogging platform that almost anyone, no matter what previous experience they have, can use with ease. On top of that, there are also several other educational and information training products that members can take advantage of.

Not only does this revolutionary company have breakthrough products but it’s also a very unique, powerful and profitable home based business opportunity. Success stories are emerging from all angles with some affiliates making 10, 20, 50 or even 100k+ in one single month. Thanks to the power of the 100% payout compensation plan, more and more people are finally achieving their goals in this industry. Some of them, after trying for years with other companies but failing miserably are turning their dreams into a reality. It’s been said that EN will create more wealthy people than any other network marketing company.


However, before we go into more details on how you can actually earn with empower network let’s first take a more detailed look at the value these amazing products will bring to you. A great company starts with great products and dedicated, experienced and passionate leaders, EN certainly ticks all these boxes, that’s for sure.

The company has two main membership levels, one of which has an extremely low cost of entry which means that literally anyone can get involved, without having the usual high risks and overhead costs of starting a physical business attached to it. I like to call it the complete business in a box, the solution you have been searching for. The two membership’s are as follows:

Blogging Platform (ONLY $25/Monthly)


Before understanding the value of this product, you must first understand why its so vital to have your own blog for your marketing efforts. SEO and blogging is by far the most powerful free way to drive traffic, sales and signups, However, it’s also the most complex, time consuming and difficult to understand, mastering it is a tough struggle for anyone.

When I first started out in this industry, I knew that having my own blog was crucial. Believe it or not but it took me over a month, just to learn how to set up a word press blog and learn the basics such as; how to set up hosting/domains, how to post, add videos, images etc. It took me a further year or possibly more to fully master the art of SEO, back link building, content writing and design.

Empower network takes pride in making their blogging platform the most ”granny friendly”, easy to use platform on the net. With a simple two click software, you can have your very own professional, well designed and high converting blog up and running in a matter of minutes, not months. You will also get access to some fast start training materials and videos which will help you to learn how to blog, the right way. Made up of 8 core commitments, you can’t go far wrong by following the simple steps of the fast start training.

Furthermore, just recently (written on July 2013), at the Denver company event, Dave and Dave announced the launch of EN v2 live on stage. This new, improved and innovative blogging system is going to change the way internet marketers do business and communicate on the web. Keep in mind, this newly upgraded system will be launching in 60 days time (written July 22 2013).

With a combination of the features of facebook, word press and tumblr all rolled into one, this new platform will take the internet by storm. The most simple to use, unique and newbie friendly blogging platform on the planet. Connecting, sharing and interacting with others has never been easier. EN v2.0 has enhanced features that allow you to share hot content and your latest videos in just one click. Having the ability to host several different domains and manage several different blogs, all from one spot, with the one login, is priceless and unheard of in the industry. Some of the benefits of having the new empower network v 2.0 blogging platform include:

  • Ability to rank posts and pages much faster on the search engines to gain traffic
  • Built in features to ensure ease of social sharing
  • Simple to use platform that allows you to have blogs up and running in minutes
  • 2 click software which allows you to blast out news posts in record times
  • Proprietary commenting system
  • New mobile audio and video broadcasting app that eases sharing on your blog considerably
  • No need to pay for hosting
  • Control MULTIPLE blogs all from ONE back office area
  • Multiple domains, all controlled from one spot, one login!
  • Proven, tested, effective and high converting ad copy
  • Break through technology that allow you to record and post videos and content straight to your blog via mobile, without even logging in on a computer
  • Ability to set up your OWN customized domain name, several domain names in fact
  • Conversion machine which allows you to maximise sales by sharing certain content with certain membership levels
  • Your EN downline/team members will see all of your blog posts when they login to their own back office (powerful)
  • Re-blogging feature allowing you to share others content from inside EN
  • Faster load times/blog speed
  • Easily built in customisation options
  • Multiple languages available
  • Fast start training to get you up and running in no time
  • Harness an established website, use an authority, aged and highly popular domain
  • All members blog consistently, the more content, the more authority
  • No technical know how needed
  • Integrated graphics, flexibility and ease of use
  • Easy interaction with your visitors on your own live stream, much like facebook
  • Easy blogging with nothing but your mobile device

However, the most important benefit to having your own EN blog is the fact that it’s completely SEO friendly. Having the ability to harness the power of the EN blog is priceless. As an SEO expert for many years now, I can tell you that it takes months (sometimes years) or hard work and thousands of dollars in investment to build an ESTABLISHED, high authority, well presented and professional looking blog. Ranking on google is an extremely tough task for newbies, there’s so much to learn and take in, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Well, thanks to the empower network blog, anyone can now harness the power of seo to get their content ranked well within the search engines, which therefore results in MORE free traffic. You see, if you were to start out with your own blog, you would first need to buy a domain and pay for hosting. Next, you would neat to start entirely from scratch, the site has no authority, no backlinks, no page rank and no way of achieving high positions on google without putting serious work in.


By blogging via the EN platform, your harnessing the authority of the established domain. Think of it like this, would you rather share your hard thought out content on a brand new blog, or an established blog with authority? There is a much higher change of you achieving a good ranking due to the fact that the EN already has backlinks and authority.

If you were to set up your own blog and publish a post, you would need to invest a lot of time and effort to get that post ranked. If you were to publish a post on the EN blog, it would rank much faster. You only need to check out alexa.com to see that empower is the 468th most popular website in the world, out of tens of millions and moving up constantly. Some further tests would reveal that the domain has tens of thousands of backlinks and a page rank of 4.

To get your own blog to a stage of authority like this, it could potentially take years and a lot of investment on content producing, backlink building, graphics and video creation. Not to mention the endless trying and testing to ensure it converts well. It’s not as simple as blasting out a few random posts and hoping for the best, that technique is doomed for failure.

With the EN blog, its not only automatically a high authority blog that your posting on but it also comes with simple, point click software and many incredible and unseen before features. In fact, the blogging system will actually give you pointers and tips on how to simplify SEO and the on page factors. There are several things you need to do to ensure your posts are optimised and keyword targeted to get the best chance possible of ranking on the search engines.

LIVE EN V2 DEMO At The Company Event In Denver!!

In conclusion, I think the answer is simple. EN is a completely newbie friendly blogging platform that has features and tools that far outweigh that of its competitors. Anyone can use it to harness SEO and start learning how to build businesses by simply blogging. For newbies it’s ideal, the perfect solution.

Inner Circle ($100/Monthly)


A lot of people don’t realise it but the inner circle membership is probably the most powerful, valuable and effective products of the package. The inner circle is made up of hundreds (if not thousands) of hours worth of educational and informational training audio’s, with more being added constantly. Customers have ability to download the training audio’s in the mp3 format which means they can easily put it on a CD, to listen to them in a car, while having a workout or even when on a break at work.

Put together by various different internet and network marketing leaders, these audio’s will teach you a variety of different skills. From personal development to mind set control and marketing strategy’s, the inner circle is quickly becoming known as the university of internet marketing. The best part about it is that the training reveals proven and effective methods of achieving your goals, in whatever business, company or opportunity your involved with. You can be sure you will receive top quality training from six and seven figure, successful internet marketers, including Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe. The benefits of being a customer of the inner circle include:

  • Hundreds of hours worth of educational training audio’s
  • Ability to download into mp3 format to listen on the go
  • Mindset training to help you achieve success in ALL aspects of your life
  • Enhance your education, knowledge is power
  • Learn from industry leaders and professionals who already have massive success
  • Interviews with top income earners
  • New content added constantly, ongoing, updated training (sometimes daily)
  • Leadership and personal development training
  • Easy for anyone to use/access, completely newbie friendly

Some of the most recently added audio’s include:

  • Tapping in to your decision making mechanism
  • How to turn tragedy into triumph
  • No guess-work blueprint to getting everything you want
  • How to replace to replace cold calling forever by blogging daily
  • How to multiply your commissions
  • The masters of marketing break through session (live)
  • Breaking the job mind and kicking the systems ass
  • How to make 1500 a day blogging
  • Member coaching call – Why am I not getting results?
  • Offline advertising secrets and how to use systems

By now you should see the value of the products contained in each membership level that empower has. However, that’s not even the most exciting part because by simply introducing others to the incredible products and services that EN provides, you can potentially earn a full time income online, so long as your willing to put in the work and effort required. With success stories everywhere, there is nothing stopping you from becoming the next one.

You see, not only do you have the option to use the innovative products but you can also become what’s known as a affiliate of the company. That means, you will qualify to earn commissions by re-selling the membership levels and the products (mentioned above) to new customers. You can simply use one of the provided capture pages or even your EN blog to promote the products/opportunity.


However, unlike most traditional network marketing companies, empower network is one of the very first to pay out a whopping 100% residual commission to affiliates. Residual meaning, you work once to generate the sale but get paid an ongoing monthly residual commission for each and every sale you make. This company really is taking the internet by storm, many other corporations have picked up on the early success of EN and have started to duplicate and copy the 100% commission structure.

As you already know, there are two main membership levels. By joining as an affiliate and by recommending the products to others, you will earn 100% of the cost of the product which by the way, is paid directly from member to member, giving you complete control over your OWN business.

So let’s say for example, you decide to get involved with the income opportunity and you have purchased both the blogging software and the inner circle membership. For every new customer you refer who buys the blogging system, you will earn 100% commission which is $25 per month on an ongoing basis, for as long as the member stays a customer.


On top of that, if your customer decided to come in at the inner circle level you would again earn 100% commission, $100 per month PLUS the $25 for the blogging system. Very rarely do you come across a company that pays out such a high commission percentage on sales. That’s the main reason why empower network has blown up as fast as it did, the generous compensation plan blows any other business out of the water. Imagine being able to break even with your very first sale!

Using the same example as above, let’s say you have decided to come in and purchase both the blogging system and the inner circle membership while also becoming an active affiliate. You then decide to introduce you friend Peter who also decides to purchase. That means you would be earning (25+100) $125 each and every month from Peter, which literally means you will get your products for FREE. Take a look at this video for a breakdown of the comp plan:

Please note: Earnings with empower network are in no way guaranteed and the success of an affiliate comes down to their own individual efforts, hours worked, time and commitment put in. Please click here for a full income disclaimer, average affiliate earnings are updated on a daily basis.

However, the fun does not stop there and neither does the income potential. The EN’s product line stretches much, much further than that, believe it or not, its only just the very beginning. On top of the two membership levels., there is also the opportunity to buy training products in the form of educational and informational audio’s and ebooks for a one time fee. The training products are designed to help you master the art of internet marketing by learning techniques and tricks from a variety of different industry leaders/experts. In fact, you can literally use the skills you learn from within these products to build ANY online business. The one time purchase products are as follows:

Costa Rica Intensive (One Time $500)


The Costa Rica Intensive is an educational product which is available for the one time purchase of $500. Made up into several different levels of modules, each containing video and content available in a PDF format, it’s very simple to work through the training. No matter which network marketing business your involved with or promoting, this training course has everything needed to start getting more leads and sales. Just to be sure your taking in what’s taught, there is a short quiz at the end of each module which customers can take part in.

The Costa Rica Intensive product was actually filmed, created and recorded before empower network was even created. With over 10 modules to get through, you can be sure you will learn something worth knowing. They filming and creation took place at Dave Woods mountain top retreat in Costa Rica where he invited a group of the worlds finest internet marketers to share their powerful strategy’s. The informative videos will show you the exact same techniques that these famous networkers used to create their full time, even six figure online incomes. Some of the lessons/modules include:

  • What works and what doesn’t work
  • Speak your prospects language
  • Marketing for smart people
  • Get your stuff to rank, fast! (SEO Training)
  • Keeping it all together

15k Formula (ONE Time $1000)


The 15k Formula is a popular product with the empower network. Made up of over 20 lessons of valuable training, this really is the course to mastering some powerful area’s of traffic and lead generation. From the words of Dave Wood, this product was designed for the purpose of teaching people how to get the 15k a month mark in whichever network marketing company or business they get involved with. In a simple, step by step fashion, these videos will teach you lessons such as:

  • Creating traffic through compelling content
  • Selling the power of video
  • SEO jedi blog traffic
  • The solo ad formula
  • Free social media strategy
  • The leaders mindset
  • SEO Mastery
  • Paid traffic mastery
  • Offline sales magic
  • Advanced link building tactics
  • Social content mastery

Costa Rica Masterminds Retreat (ONE Time $3500)


The Costa Rica Masterminds Retreat is the last training product of the EN system. It’s made up of over 40 detailed videos, some over an hour long, each revealing some effective techniques to building an online business. The course was released in August 2012 as an add on product, upgrade and extension to the 15k formula, shortly after the launch of the company. Dave Wood got together a group of the highest earners in empower network to share yet more powerful strategy’s, techniques and methods. In fact, over 100 students attended the HD filming which was held in the Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort and Spa. These 100 students paid $5000 dollars each to attend the course personally, being able to meet and hang out with the industry leaders face to face was a chance for them to get the advantage. Made up of pure gold content, if your serious about achieving your goals in the online business world, this course is definitely for you.

Video Hosting ($1 For 14 Days)


Ever had the youtube slap? Fed up of relying on youtube, metacafe or other video sharing sites that sprinkle ads all over your awesome new videos? Or are you sharing videos only meant for a specific audience, not to be public? Well EN also have video hosting services which you can take advantage of. Get started with a $1 14 day trial and gain 50GB bandwidth and 50GB storage, then it’s only $25 per month from then on after. Features include:

  • Easily manageable library where you can customize your videos
  • Tracking system to easily determine completed plays and views
  • Choose content, title, description and keywords
  • Customisable privacy settings
  • Ability to auto play
  • Automatic loop playback

Furthermore, what’s even more incredible is the fact that you also get the chance to earn 100% commission on these one time product purchases so long as your an affiliate. For example; if someone purchases the Costa Rica Intensive, you will earn $500 and if someone purchases the 15k formula, you would earn a one time $1000, paid directly in your bank account.

At this stage, it’s important to understand that you are not required to purchases all the products in order to get started with this company. Depending on what you can afford, you can come in at which ever membership level suits you best and it’s also not mandatory to purchase the one time products in order to join.

For example, if you have joined at the basic $25 level for the blogging platform, you will be able to earn commission from any sales of the $25 product. However, if someone you refer decides to come in at the inner circle level, you would not receive the $100 commission, it would be passed up to the first qualifying member, unless you too had come in at the $100 level.

So, as another example, let’s day you introduce you friend Simon and he decides to purchase the blogging system and inner circle membership. As a basic member, you would gain the 25 dollar monthly commission but the 100 monthly commission would be passed up to the nearest person who qualifys to receive it. That’s why its important to push the boat out and come in at the inner circle level to ensure you receive maximum commissions. Of course, you have the option to stick at the 25 level until you feel you are ready to take things to the next level and upgrade. You will receive commission only for the products you have purchased yourself which makes sense because you can’t expect to sell something that you have never used to other people.

As always, I’ve saved the best for last because the empower network compensation plan is much more powerful that what first meets the eye. Thanks to the reverse up system, you can now leverage your income and earn commission for sales you did not even personally make!


That’s right! You could be lying at the beach, sleeping or even eating dinner and the sales could still be flying in. It’s an extremely powerful way to leverage your income from the efforts of other people. As they say, teamwork makes the dreamwork.

The reverse two up system involves passing up your second, fourth, sixth and then every fifth sale from then on after up to your sponsoring member (the person who introduced you). Now at first glance, you may be thinking….”why in the hell would I want to do that?”, right?

Well it’s because all of your team mates are going to do the same thing for you. If they decide to also become an affiliate to take advantage of the income opportunity, their second, fourth, sixth and then every fifth sale will be passed up to you. On top of that, the members they pass up will then also each have to pass up their signups to you. This carries on and on into infinity.


For example, lets say you make 10 sales of the blogging platform within your first month. You would pass up your second, fourth, sixth and every fifth, leaving you with 7 direct sales. Then let’s say each of these 10 people also sell the products to 10 others. That means they would each pass up 3 sales directly to you (7×3=30). That’s 30 new sales, you never even made, each paying you a month reoccurring commission. Also, don’t forget that these 30 people that have been passed up, will also go on to pass up even more sales directly to you. This carries on and on into infinity.

The 100% commission combined with the reverse up system makes empower network one of the most attractive network marketing opportunities on the net. With products that people actually USE and need, you can’t go far wrong. Furthermore, with the highly anticipated and exciting launch of the new EN v2, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

This is a company that is constantly going above any beyond to dominate the industry and provide real value to customers and affiliates. The products can do nothing but improve, adapt and take the internet by storm. With the launch of this new blogging platform, the next few months and years to come are going to be mind blowing, unbelievable and revolutionary.

With training you can’t beat, leaders that have a proven record of success and a support team that’s on hand to help, finding success in this industry has just got a whole lot easier for the average person. Unlike the days where you would have to literally sell thousands of products to make any kind of decent income, with just 100 inner circle sales, your income exceeds 10k per month.

It’s no secret that EN has the products you need to learn how to market any business online. However, one other key component to your success is making sure you join under the right sponsor or team. Following in the footsteps of someone who has been there and done it is the smartest move you can make. Having as much training, tools, resources and support as possible could be the difference between success and failure.

By now you are probably wondering ”so who the hell are you” and ”why should I join your team” right? Well let me take a minute to explain a bit about myself, what I can do, what my skills are, how I got involved with mlm and more importantly, why you should join the company through this website and under me personally.

Meet Your Future EN Sponsor



Or Click HERE To Submit A Ticket!

Why Join Paul Strachan’s TEAM Takeover?

It’s no secret that joining the right team in this industry is vital. You need to be sure your future sponsor has all the skills, knowledge and training resources that you need to achieve success with this company. Following in the footsteps of someone who has been there and done it is the best thing you can do.

Well, my team takeover certainly has all the necessary tools, training, tips, tricks, resources and guides you will ever need, right at your fingertips. No matter what level you decide to come in at, you will get full access to the team takeover training room which is jam packed full of crucial, powerful and up to date materials. I’m dedicated to helping my downline members in every way possible and I’m always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have, as well as help you through any challenges you may face. I go above and beyond to ensure my team mates are motivated, satisfied, updated, informed and more importantly making progress. You can check out the team takeover website directly at http://teamtakeovertraining.com/

If you join the empower network team takeover through mlm weezi, you will receive:

  • Full training, support, guidance and mentorship from a leader in the industry with over 5 years experience (me)
  • Full access to the team takeover training room
  • Advanced SEO training from a professional search engine marketing producer to help get your blog posts and content ranked high on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc..
  • Rapid response time to urgent questions or concerns
  • Ongoing updates to keep you in the know and motivated


Now you know what I have to offer, so what are you still hanging around here for? Click the button below to sign up and get started with empower network today. Taking action is the first and most crucial step towards achieving success in this industry. You can either sit on the sidelines and watch EN explode, or get involved and start riding the wave that’s quickly demolishing any competition in its path.

Remember, it’s only going to cost you $25 minimum to purchase the blogging software, that’s less the price of going out for a family meal. There are no excuses, anyone can afford this, no matter what situation you are currently in. However, also keep in mind that to maximize your commissions and start earning those $100 residual payments, being a customer of the inner circle is critical.

Let’s get rocking and rolling! See you on the inside!

Paul Strachan


Please note: I am an independent affiliate for the empower network and in no way, shape or form do I represent the company officially, nor am I an employee or staff member.

Company Information

Empower network was launched in October 2012 by it’s two founders David Wood and David Sharpe. It’s not so corporate, chilled out head office is located in Florida where it’s team of over 40 staff members strive to ensure EN runs like clock work and continues to provide top quality help and support to customers and affiliates. Whether it’s technical issues or product development projects, empower has a staff member covering it all.

Since it’s launch only a short time a go, the company has continued to exceed expectations and achieve incredible goals. Events are held on a frequent basis in various different locations throughout the world, allowing members to meet the faces behind the company and interact with other like minded entrepreneurs and affiliates. Not only do these events boost local economy, they inspire and motivate people to turn their dreams in to reality.

In fact, at the most recent event held in Denver, it’s been reported that empower network brought in over 6000 attendees which resulted in an $8.6 million local economy impact for Denver. A phenomenal achievement that truly does speak for itself. Read the full story at Yahoo finance here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/empower-network-conference-brings-6-124000768.html

Empower Network Gives Back!

Not only that but EN has also donated tens of thousands of dollars to several different charitable organisations. It has a reputation for making much needed donations, in fact, in Denver, the company donated $10,000 to the local community. These inspiring acts make this a company you truly can be proud of, one you can shout about from the rooftops.

At a previous event held in Austin, EN donated $66,000 to the Austin Habitat For Humanity which helps the homeless to become re-homed. You can read the incredible story of these two acts of kindness using the links below, featured on Yahoo Finance:



The Leaders Behind Empower NETWORK

As mentioned before, David Wood and David Sharpe are the brains behind empower network. Two men who found themselves sharing a common interest in the fact that the both used to be homeless. Believe it or not but at one point, David Wood was living out of his car and Dave Sharpe was battling challenging life struggles.

That’s what attracts most people to the two Dave’s, the fact that they are both genuine, honest, average and down to earth people who both started at the very bottom. They eventually worked their way up, learning everything that’s taught inside of EN network to go on to build a multi million dollar empire, a booming, thriving and successful software company that’s now attracted over 100k customers and affiliates.

Dave and Dave represent the dream, they represent the impossible, the against all odds struggle to success. Their inspiration and words of wisdom help thousands of people to change their own lives and their passion for EN is not hard to notice. They are living proof that the average guy CAN win, no matter what their current circumstances are. All it takes is hard work, dedication and motivation. If your the type of person who expects to get something for nothing then this most definitely is not for you.

What Members Are Earning

The Future Of The Company

EN go above and beyond to continue to take the industry by storm. Their mission is to become as large as Amway, their commitment towards creating the most rich people in the network marketing industry is unquestionable. Constantly adapting, coming out with new and innovative ideas, this company is going places inevitably. With the launch of the new env2 platform, the sky really is the limit.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Purchase Products?

Simply visit the main website by clicking here and then select your chosen product from within the ”products” section. Then follow the on screen instructions.

How Do I Become An Affiliate?

After purchasing your chosen products at the level suitable for you, if you would like to become a re-seller of the products, its an extra $19.95, to take part in the affiliate program. It is not necessary to become an affiliate to purchase the products, a customer can get the products without having to pay an affiliate fee.

How Do I Pay And Get Paid?

How Do I Receive The Products

All the products are digitally delivered and can be accessed immediately after purchase via the EN back office. You will create login information upon purchase of the products.

Do I Need To Purchase All The Products To Get Involved?

Absolutely not. You can come in at whichever level suits you best, the option to upgrade to the inner circle and the option to buy the one time product purchases of either the Costa Rica Intensive, The 15k Formula Or The Costa Rica Masterminds Course is entirely up to you.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The amount you can earn with EN comes entirely down to your own individual efforts. This is not some kind of get rich quick for doing nothing scheme, work, effort, commitment and consistency is needed. It’s not for everyone and results do vary from person to person depending on how much time and work they put in, just like any business or network marketing company. You can read the full income disclosure by visiting:

Who Can Get Involved With EMPOWER NETWORK?

Absolutely anyone. It doesn’t matter what previous experience you have, not only does empower provide training but my team gets access to top class training and support. I’m always on hand to help in any way possible. Whether your a complete newbie or a more experienced internet marketer, it does not matter, empower is a business open to all.

What Company Support/Help Is There?

EN has a team of over 40 people working in the corporate office, each one dedicated to helping members as best they can. If you ever have any questions or concerns you can contact me directly or send in a support ticket to admin. All of my contact details can be found above.

Do I Need To Pay Tax?

Unfortunately, even though we all hate it, paying tax is absolutely necessary on any income you earn whether it been in a job, offline, online or with your own business. The good news, is that by being self employed, you could be entitled to certain tax deductions, please see your local government for information on that. Paying tax on any income generate is affiliates responsibility.

Do I Need My Own Website?

Nope, not at all. By becoming an affiliate of empower, you will be provided with ready to use, pre designed lead capture pages. Furthermore, as a customer of the basic level, you can use your blog to promote the opportunity and products.

Who Can Go To Events?

Anyone can attend company events and its highly recommended to do so. At least 1-2 events are held in different locations throughout the world each year. They are a great opportunity to meet the people behind the company, find out important updates and of course, engage with other members. Dave and Dave are well known for holding motivational, inspiring and all round exciting company events that really get members pumped, dedicated and ready to take on anything.

How Often Do I Need To Work?

This again comes down to you. Whether you want to work full time or part time, 1 hour a week or 10 hours a week, it’s entirely up to you. Obviously, the more time, effort and commitment you put in to your business, the better results you will get. You MUST treat your EN business like the real business it is. Money does not grow on tree’s and just like any business (offline or online) work is required, especially to get the ball rolling.




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