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Multi Level Marketing MLM Companies

sgfsgfsfgWhen it comes to choosing which to join out of the variety of different mlm companies, there are a few vital factors that you should take into consideration BEFORE joining any of them. In order to get off to the best start possible within the industry, you need to be sure you are joining, not only a legitimate company but one that suits you best.

Always remember that you could potentially go on to make a full time income with the company meaning your stuck with the same services and products for years to come, the decision needs to be made wisely. We all know that the majority of people fail in this tough old industry and one of the MAIN reasons for this being because they have joined the wrong company or team. After a few weeks of little or no help from their sponsor, they quickly become disinterested and eventually quit, giving up on the idea completely. That’s why it’s so VITAL that you are 100% sure and 100% confident in your chosen multi level marketing opportunity and in order to get there, you must know it inside out.

Here are a few important tips to remember when choosing an mlm company to get involved with:

Do Your Background Research!


No matter how convinced you feel, it’s ALWAYS important to take the time to do some basic background research on the company you plan on becoming involved with. Search on google and dig deep to find out as much as you can about the history of the corporation. Also find out how long it’s been online, in business and running for, the longer the track record with these mlm companies, the better.

Read HONEST Reviews!


Another great way to find out the truth about a particular multi level marketing company your planning on joining is by searching for honest and non biased reviews. Use google and other search engines to find forums which contain reviews or comments about the program. Most of the time you will find affiliates or members promoting the program in order to gain commission or signups. It’s important to find the real honest reviews by reading comments and posts in well known forums and scam reporting websites. For example, Warrior forum is one of the best places to be when it comes to finding out the truth about internet opportunities. Millions of like minded marketers are posting their REAL, non biased opinions of all different types of mlm companies in particular. On top of that, you can easily become a member of the forum yourself which then allows you to post questions for which others will answer. We recommend checking out before joining ANY program, you will always find the answers you have been looking for.

Test The Company Support!


When you very first become a member of one of these mlm companies, you will be allocated with a sponsor who’s job it is to help get you up and running. However, you also want to be sure that you have the support and guidance needed from the actually company. The last thing you need is to find yourself stuck with a company who takes several weeks to answer urgent support emails. To avoid this, why not send in a support email with a generic question BEFORE you join in order to test drive the response time of their support centre or staff.

Attend Any Company Webinars Or Meetings!

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It’s not uncommon for mlm companies to hold live webinars, conference calls or possibly even face to face seminar meetings. Before jumping into anything, why not attend one and find out exactly what the business is about. Speak to other members, leaders and newbies who can help you to better understand the goals and future plans of the booming company. There’s nothing more motivating that speaking to like minded individuals who can help, guide and support you in every way possible.

Find Out What Training, Materials And Equipment The Company Offer


Training materials are an absolute must have for any multi level marketing business to survive. You must be able to learn the skills needed to drive traffic, sales and signups to a business. Aswell as information webinars, conference calls and meetings, look out for ones that are dedicated to training only. Other things to look out for include

  • Replicated Websites – A website which the company provides in order for you to promote it and drive signups/sales
  • Training Rooms/Sites – A section, website or page which provides traffic generation training
  • Support Features – Look out for extended support features such as live chat or forums
  • Community Features – Find the company’s facebook page, twitter profile and other social media hangouts to get a feel for the current members community
  • Email Accounts – Does the company provide you with personalised and branded email addresses?
  • Offerings – Does the company provide any offering or incentives to new members (free trials, free courses etc..)

Determine If The Company Is Right For You!


All mlm companies are different in their own unique way whether it be by the products they offer or the type of compensation plan that’s up for grabs. Some programs may offer 50% commissions and others may offer only 10% commissions. Some may have only 3 levels to the network, others may have 10 levels or some could possibly even roll UP the way. There are so many different types of multi level marketing programs out there, it’s hard to make the right decision. This part really does come down to which type of products or services suit you both. It’s VITAL that you join a company with a product you believe in, otherwise how do you except other too? On top of that you should consider the payout structure that the company has in place, will you get paid weekly, monthly? Also find out exactly how payments are processed, making sure you open up any relevant accounts BEFORE joining. As mentioned before, the compensations plans of different types of mlm programs vary considerably.

To learn more about the difference between matrix systems, roll up systems and general levelled programs, click here!

Once your happy with one of the mlm companies, the next step is to find the right sponsor to join the program under. This is yet another VITAL factor to your success in this industry, it must be taken seriously. By following in the footsteps of someone who has already been there and done it, your chances of success are increased considerably. The last thing you want to do is join a sponsor who cannot provide you with the tools and training needed to accelerate in the company! A lot of the time you will find people quitting programs and blaming it on the company when it reality it’s the sponsors job to show the newbie the ropes. Here are a few simple but vital tips to following when choosing a sponsor in one of these mlm companies:


  • Contact Your Potential Sponsor BEFORE Joining
  • Find Out How Successful Your Sponsor Is
  • Find Out What Training Your Sponsor Offers
  • Find Out What Support Your Sponsor Offers (Email address, phone number, skype etc…)
  • Find Out How Long Your Sponsor Has Been In The Businesses
  • Find Out The Personality Of Your Future Sponsor (Talk To Other Members)

You can find more valuable tips and information on ”joining the right sponsor” via out main page by clicking the button situated at the bottom of this page. In the mean time, I hope you have learned a lot about taking the right steps towards finding a legitimate and profitable business out of all the countless hundreds of thousands of mlm companies. Don’t underestimate the power of being resourceful and don’t just dive into any old program without any prior knowledge on it, that’s the most common path to inevitable failure in this tough old industry.

Below this section you will find various different pages dedicated to a few different top mlm companies which the founder of this website is personally involved with. Mlm Weezi has all the tools, training, support and equipment you will ever need to drive traffic and sales so we thought it was only right to include the top few companies that are rocking the multi level marketing industry as we speak. These companies are the most talked about, most popular and fastest growing mlm opportunities to date. Each of them offer products and services that every internet marketer needs and wants and at prices they can truly afford. On top of that, they offer very generous commissions which are paid on time, every time. With an extensive background reputation, you can be sure these mlm companies are above board and 100% legitimate opportunities for the average person.

Follow the steps above to determine this for yourself if you don’t believe me!

We’ll see you on the other side!